As quickly 3.1 gen2 has caught on in the mobile world, is still very much a newcomer on the PC side of things and still very costly to include with the proper quality construction and materials we consider standard for cables and connectors on a Define series case.

USB 3.1 gen2 may be ubiquitous in the near future (assuming USB 3.2 doesn't get there first), but for now, there are still very few motherboards with 3.1 Gen2 headers and very few devices aside from phones that can take full advantage of it.

We know many have been asking for Gen2 support, but since most don't yet have a use for it we felt it best to give people a choice rather than charge everyone what would have been a significantly higher price.

Which is why we are going to be selling the Connect D1 separately for the people who really want to utilize the USB 3.1 gen2 front headers on their motherboards that have it.