Noisy power supply / Mechanical noise / Fan noise / Coil whine

All Fractal Design power supplies have been developed with low noise levels as a high priority.
However, PSUs are typically never completely silent. PSU noise should be barely perceptible
with the computer case closed.

All fans generally get louder with time and wear. This is not a cause for a typical warranty
claim. If the fan is excessively noisy on a brand new power supply, please contact the reseller.

NOTE: Over time dust can accumulate on the fan grill, and produce excessive noise – clear the accumulation
using a can of compressed air.

Electrical noise / humming / coil whine
Typically, electrical noise is caused by minor incompatibility issues between components,
such as between the power supply and the VRM modules on a graphics card. This noise
may only occur at certain load combinations, and can therefore often be avoided by making
slight changes to the power load.

Please try altering the following settings before returning your power supply to your reseller:
• Power saving features of the CPU and motherboard, such as C1E (Enhanced Halt
State) and EIST (Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology) – refer to the motherboard
manual for more details on which features the motherboard supports and how to change
their settings
• Graphics card driver options, including the “vsync” option – refer to the graphics card
manual for instructions on how to changes these settings.

If the noise level is not reduced after adjusting power load settings, Fractal Design considers
loud electrical noise an acceptable cause for a warranty claim.

Fan does not spin - (specific for Newton R3)
Fractal Design Newton R3 Series PSUs are extremely efficient and remain cool in many
conditions even without fan operation; a non-rotating fan is normally not cause for concern.
The reseller should only be contacted if the PSU becomes too hot to touch, and the fan is not

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