Beginner's Guide: How to build a PC in a Fractal case

We get a few questions about how to build a computer. Many of our customers are fairly or completely new to building a computer.

So we made this example of how one could go about building a PC from scratch and hopefully this will help just a little bit. In this example the case is a Define S (click link for Define S product page).

Start with choosing your components. We have asked our support agents not to recommend any specific PC component brand or brands. Most brands will fit in our cases, and most builders have their own personal favorites among brands. We will however gladly do our best to try to let you know whether a component will fit or not, although this may be difficult at times.

If you have trouble choosing your components, please check with forums or friends with computer interest (or skills). The local computer shop could work as well.


There are usually instructions about connecting cables in the motherboard manual.

That's it. The build is done. You can of course do this in a slightly different order, but that's also a personal preference.

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