Can the Meshify 2 Series panels fit on the Define 7 Series?

Unfortunately, the front panels for the Meshify 2 Series of cases and the Define 7 Series of cases are incompatible with one another.

KitGuru shows in some more detail in their review of the Meshify 2 showing how the front panels are incompatible between the two series of cases.

Full review can be seen here -

Other reasons why they are incompatible:

  • The I/O panels are a different shape
  • The top panels are a different shape (the Meshify 2 top panels have chamfered edges that align with the top of the front panel)
  • The holes on the front chassis that the front panel holds onto are not in the same locations (I.E. some are moved, missing, or are different sizes)
  • The Define 7 Series cases have 2 metal protrusions on the very bottom of the front panel (that are part of the bottom of the chassis) that help give additional support to the heavier front panel that is on the Define 7 Series of cases

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