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  • Will the Flex VRC-25 fit in the Meshify 2?
    Yes, it will fit, but if you have the possibility, we would recommend using the Flex B20 instead in the case. It will give you more space for the GPU to breathe. The Flex VRC-25 gives approximately 67 mm from the start of the slots, to the side panel, while the Flex B20 almost doubles that.

  • Are the side panels for Define 7 compatible with the Meshify 2?
    Yes, the side panels for Define 7 are compatible, and the only difference is that those panels have sound damping material on the inside, while the ones for Meshify 2 does not.

  • How does the fan hub in the case work?
    The Nexus+ 2 fan hub is a PWM fan hub which distributes the signals from the main header to the rest of the fans, making them go at the same percentage of their maximum speed.

    The main header is marked in the manual, and on the hub, it's marked as FAN1. This needs to have at least 1 PWM fan connected to it in order for you to control the fans on the hub, considering it's the only header that receives and sends signals to the motherboard. It does not need to be the CPU-cooler connected to the header, but it has to be a 4-pin PWM unit. You don't have to connect the hub to the CPU_FAN header either, but have it on a 4-pin PWM-header(avoid the AIO_PUMP header, since it's sometimes set to run at 100%).

    It is not possible to control the fans on the hub separately. They will all be run at the same percentage.

  • What are the limitations for top mounted radiators?
    In standard layout, you'll have no restrictions for 120 mm based radiators(120, 240, and 360) except for the width(avoid having radiators wider than 124 mm, as they will interfere with either the motherboard plate, or the side panel lock clips). With 140 mm based radiators(140/280/420), you will have a maximum motherboard component height of 36 mm. This restriction mainly goes for bigger motherboard I/O-shield, VRM heat sinks, and RAM, so we would recommend going for low-profile RAM in combination with a top mounted 140 mm-based cooler.

    Depending on the 420 mm radiator,(considering they sometimes differ in length), you'll have some other restrictions too. If we, for example, would take the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420, it would fit in the top, with the restriction on the RAM previously mentioned, but it would also require that you either remove the rear fan entirely, or exchange it for a 120 mm fan, and that you keep the top front fan position empty, as it will cover part of that area.

    In storage layout, you can fit a 240 mm radiator without any restrictions. A 360 mm radiator will however have the same ram clearance restriction of 36 mm mentioned further up. That's due to the radiator needing to be mounted on the inner fan rails in the top closer to the motherboard because of the HDD mounting bracket covering the outer fan rails.

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