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  • What is the maximum GPU length if I have a radiator in the front?
    This depends a bit on the radiator and fan thickness. The Define 7 Compact has, as it is, a maximum GPU length of 341 mm with the front fan mounted(25 mm thick fan). If you decide to remove the fan and add a radiator + fans, you would have to take the fan and radiator thickness and reduce that from 366 mm*, so if your radiator have 25 mm thick fans, and a 30 mm thick radiator, your maximum GPU length would be(366 - 25 - 30) 311 mm.

    *Note that without any fan installed in the front, you have a maximum GPU length of 360 mm. The reason it's not the full 366 mm length is due to the front fan bracket being slightly shifted forward compared to the rest of the front bracket

  • Do I have any restrictions if I put a radiator in the top?
    The Define 7 Compact does support up to 240 mm radiators in the top, but you would have a maximum motherboard component height restriction of 40 mm due to the width of the case. This goes mainly for the motherboard I/O-shield, bigger VRM heat sinks, and RAM, so I would recommend going for low-profile RAM-modules if you plan to mount a radiator to the top.

  • It seems like there is no HDD-LED in the case. Is that right?
    Yes, with the Define 7/Meshify 2 series, we decided to remove this and only add one LED to the case, marked as PWR-LED. It is however possible to connect this to the HDDLED header if you would want that instead.

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