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  • Does the Flex B-20 fit in the Define S2?
    It fits, but is unfortunately not compatible. See this article to understand why.
    The Flex VRC-25 is however compatible with the Define S2 to accommodate a vertically mounted GPU.

  • Are there any restrictions while having a top mounted radiator?
    Yes, 140, 280, and 420 mm radiators in the top would give you a maximum motherboard component height of 36 mm. This goes mainly for the motherboard I/O-shield, bigger VRM heat sinks, and RAM modules, so I would recommend low-profile RAM in combination with it.

    Radiators in the 120 mm series(120, 240, and 360) does not have any restrictions since they can be mounted in the outer fan rails in the top, giving them extra space away from the motherboard.

  • Would a Define S2 Vision front panel be compatible with the Define S2?
    Yes, it would fit on to a Define S2, but unfortunately, the Define S2 Vision front panel is not available as a retail product, so the alternative to find one would be the second hand market. Same goes for Meshify S2 front panels.

  • How does the Nexus+ fan hub work?
    The fan hub in the case can be seen as a distribution central, which just copies one signal to one fan, over to the rest of the fans on the hub.

    You first connect the SATA-cable to the PSU, and then the cable from the hub to a 4-pin PWM header on your motherboard. It does not have to be the CPU_FAN header.
    On the FAN1-header, the first 4-pin header on the hub, you need to connect either a CPU-cooler, or a 4-pin PWM-fan. Since that is the only header which reports RPM to the motherboard, and receives signals from it, it's important to have a fan connected there. While in BIOS, you can then see the RPM of the unit connected to the FAN1 header, and set a fan curve. When changing this, all fans will change accordingly. For example, if you set that the fan should spin at 60%, all the fans will be run at 60% of its speed.

    It is not possible to control the fans on the hub separately.

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