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  • Is there any restrictions while having a top mounted 240 mm radiator?
    The Define Mini C supports 240 mm radiators in the top, but you will have a maximum motherboard component height of 40 mm. This mainly goes for motherboard I/O-shields, bigger VRM heat sinks, and RAM, so low-profile RAM is to be preferred.

  • What is the maximum GPU length in this case?
  • The case has a GPU limit of 315 mm with a front fan mounted(25 mm thick). Without it, the max length is 340 mm. If you plan on adding a radiator in the front, you would have to reduce the thickness of the radiator and fans from 340.

    For example, if you mount our Celsius S24 in the front, which is 30 mm thick, and the fans are 25 mm(a total of 55 mm), you would have a maximum GPU length of(340 - 55) 285 mm.

  • What is the maximum PSU length in the case?
    We list it as 175 mm with the HDD-cage in place, but 180 mm PSU's fits fine too. You might have it a little bit tight for cable routing, but it does fit.

  • Can I fit a vertical bracket for my GPU in the case?
    It would unfortunately not fit. We do not have any suitable location for it considering the rear PCI slots have bars between each slot, and even if these were removed, you'd need 7 slots free in order to fit the width of a GPU.

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