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  • Does the Flex B-20 fit in the Vector RS?
    It fits, but is unfortunately not compatible. See this article to understand why.
    The Flex VRC-25 is however compatible with the Vector RS to accommodate a vertically mounted GPU.

  • Are there any restrictions while having a top mounted radiator?
    In standard layout(storage layout), you'll only be able to fit a 240 or 360 mm radiator. The 240 mm radiator will fit without any restrictions, but with a 360 mm, you would have a maximum motherboard component height of 36 mm. This mainly is affected by the motherboard I/O-shield, big VRM heat sinks, and RAM, so I'd recommend having low-profile RAM in combination with the top radiator. 280 and 420 radiators will not fit in this layout.

    In open layout, you will have the above restriction on 280 and 420 mm radiators too, but not on the 360 mm. This is because when moving the HDD shroud back towards the motherboard plate, you gain access to use the outer fan rails in the top for the 360 too(which was blocked for anything longer than 240 in standard layout), giving you an extra 20 mm of space between the radiator and the motherboard.

  • I mounted a 360 mm radiator in the front, but can't align all the holes. Is there something wrong?
    Due to the way the front radiator bracket is made, It might be that all the screw holes for the radiator don't align. You should however be able to mount enough of the screws to keep it properly in place. If you change from pull to push layout, and use the fans towards the bracket instead, you should be able to align all the screws.

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