Torrent Nano radiator compatibility


Up to 240/280 mm

If mounted a radiator longer than 285 mm, you would need to have a push configuration, as the radiator would otherwise interfere with the top I/O plastic cover. The fans need to be at least 21 mm thick. You would then have a maximum radiator thickness of 52 mm. If the fans are thicker than 21 mm, you reduce the additional millimeters from the 52 mm mentioned for maximum radiator thickness. For example, with 25 mm thick fans, which are 4 mm longer, the maximum radiator thickness is (52 - 4) 48 mm.

Measurements for front: 

285 mm from top I/O plastic cover, to bottom bracket.

310 mm from top panel to bottom bracket

21 mm from front bracket to end of top I/O plastic cover


Up to 240/280 mm

Measurements for bottom:

332 mm from front bracket to rear PCIE slots.

294 mm from rear PCIE slots to pre-installed front fans(38 mm thick fans)

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