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  • What is the maximum height for CPU coolers? 
    There is a max height of 175 mm in the Torrent Compact

  • Is there any vertical GPU brackets that would work in this case? 
    Yes, the Flex B-20 is compatible with the Torrent Compact.

  • My 180mm fan is making strange noises. What could be the issue? 
    These larger 180 mm fans needs more time to distribute the lubricant inside the bearing than regular fans do. If your case is new, try and run the PC for a few hours with the fans spinning to ensure the lubricant is spread out properly and then see if the noise persists.
    If it does, please create a support ticket and we'll try and help you out.

  • How does the fan hub in the case work? 
    The Nexus 9P Slim hub is a PWM fan hub which distributes the signals from the main header to the rest of the 4-pin PWM fans, making them go at the same percentage of their maximum speed.

    The main header is marked in the manual, and on the hub, it's marked as FAN1. This needs to have at least 1 PWM fan connected to it in order for you to control the fans on the hub, considering it's the only header that receives and sends signals to the motherboard. It does not need to be the CPU-cooler connected to the header, but it has to be a 4-pin PWM unit. You don't have to connect the hub to the CPU_FAN header either, but have it on a 4-pin PWM-header (avoid the AIO_PUMP header, since it's sometimes set to run at 100%).

    It is not possible to control the fans on the hub separately. They will all run at the same percentage. 

  • Where is the accessory kit located?
    The accessory kit can be found in the HDD-tray at the top section of the case where the PSU is installed.

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