Focus 2 RGB Controller

1-2: Indicates that the fans should be chained together with each other before connecting the last connector to the RGB controller. You then connect the SATA-cable to your PSU. Note that this is only relevant if you are using the controller. If connecting the fans to the motherboard instead, note that the SATA-cable still needs to be connected to the PSU since the power-LED is powered through this.

The right image indicate how you change the mode and colors on the controller. By pressing and holding in the button for 2 second, you can change the mode in which it lights up. By just pressing and releasing the button straight away, you change the color of the LEDs. Note that the Northern Lights mode disables any color change, as it has its own color theme.

Below video displays how to change the different modes on the Pop RGB controller. The RGB controller in the Focus 2 works the same way, but with different color variations:


If the controller isn't working as intended, as in if the fans are dimmed or just don't light up/change color when using the controller, please follow the below steps.

1: Make sure that the SATA-cable coming from the RGB controller is properly connected to the PSU SATA connector. If this isn't connected or loose, the fans can act up.

2: Make sure that the fans are properly connected to the fan hub. Note that since this isn't connected in any way to the motherboard, the fans will not change color if connected directly to a motherboard RGB header. If you have done that, you would need to use an RGB software instead or connect the fans to the controller.

3: If the two above steps are done, you can try and disconnect the fans that are chained together and connect them separately to the controller. If one fan in the chain is faulty, it could lead to all fans in the chain having issues with lighting.

4: Make sure that there aren't too many fans connected to the controller. The max amperage is 2.0A.

5: We have seen some issues with the RGB controller in combination with the Arctic P12 and P14 A-RGB fans. It seems like no matter how these are connected, if you connect two of them in a row, the third fan will not light up. If you have a mix of these fans in combination with other models, we would recommend mounting the other fans first in the chain and keep these two fans last in the chain for all to function.

6: If none of the above steps helps, there is a big chance that the RGB controller is faulty. Please contact us and we will help you the best we can.

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