Meshify 2 Compact Lite / Lite RGB radiator compatibility

Above, you can see the different radiator sizes that would fit in the case. The 145 mm max restriction in the front for 140/280 radiators is regarding the width of the radiator. If wanting to have a 120 mm radiator in the bottom, note that you would need to remove the HDD-cage in order to fit it. We'll go through the top radiator restrictions below.

The top of the case only supports 120 and 240 mm radiators, so not 140 or 280 mm radiators (due to width), and the maximum width of these 120/240 are 121 mm. On top of that, due to more and more motherboard components gets taller, we have included an adapter which offsets the radiator from the motherboard. You will fin these in the accessory kit, and by using them, you will be able to have a maximum motherboard component height of up to 40 mm. This mainly goes for motherboard I/O-shields, bigger VRM heat sinks, and RAM.

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