Torrent Fan Hub information

Note that this article is only relevant for the fan hub included in the Torrent case. This does not concern any other fan hubs in our other case models.

After we first released the Torrent, we received a couple of user reports of their fan hubs not working properly, and after we investigated the issue, we realized that the fan hub had a defect that could cause grounding issues for the system, and potentially cause damage to other components when installed and started up. We decided to do a full case recall and replace the fan hubs on all units we had at our resellers and distributors, and also set up a replacement portal for users that had already bought one to get a replacement hub.

Since we haven't seen anyone with the old model for a long time now, we have shut down the portal and instead refer all who still has the old model to contact us through our regular ticketing system for a replacement hub.

To make sure if you have the old or the revised model, you can check the bottom right corner of the fan hub (see image below). If there is a text saying "V 1.1" like below, you have the new model, and do not need to contact us unless you are experiencing other issues with yours. If you have one where it does not say anything at all, or has the text "V 1.0", please send us a message and we'll arrange for a revised hub to be sent out to you.

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