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  • (Mesh version only) How does the fan hub in this case work?
    The fan hub in this case has the same function as the one in our other cases, but differs slightly in capacity. The fan hub works in such a way that it has one cable which you connect to a motherboard 4-pin PWM header, and then connect fans to the hub. When looking at the hub, the header furthest to the right, marked "FAN1", needs to have a 4-pin PWM fan or CPU cooler connected to it as it is the only fan that receives signals from the motherboard, and the only header that reports RPM to the motherboard. If you would have 4 fans connected to the hub and have the fan hub cable connected to, let's say the "CPU_FAN" header on the motherboard, and you change the speed of this header to 60%, then all the fans on the hub will run at 60% speed. The "FAN1" header on the hub that receives a signal from the motherboard copies the signal it gets and distribute it to the rest of the fans on the hub.
    What differs between this fan hub and the one we have previously had in some cases is that this one is not SATA-powered and only draws power from the motherboard header it's connected to. What you need to think about here is that although each header on the hub can support multiple fans, we recommend that you check how much power the motherboard header you've mounted it upon can distribute before putting on too many fans

  • What kind of wood is used for the front panel?
    Depending on the model, it's either American White Oak or American Black Walnut.

  • How would the temperature be affected if adding fans to the side fan bracket?
    It varies quite a bit due to different builds experience different effects from the same fan setup. The best alternative is to try some different setups and see what works best for you.
    When doing our own tests, we saw that most of the times when using a front radiator, having fans installed on the side bracket lowered the temperatures quite a bit for the GPU, while CPU wasn't really affected negatively or positively. Using the standard setup with fans in the front along with an air cooler for the CPU and adding additional fans to the side of the case did change the temperatures slightly to the better for both CPU and GPU, but not significantly better. It also depends on which of the slots you put it on, and of course, depends on the setup you are using.

  • What is the maximum CPU cooler height?
    The maximum CPU cooler height is 170 mm. If mounting the side fan bracket in the top or middle position, the max height would be 145 mm.

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