"Missing" Top radiator extension brackets Pop Air, Pop Mini Air, & Focus 2

The top mounted radiator extension brackets were only a temporary fix for cases that had already been manufactured after we found out the incompatibility issue. 

Newer top panels were made after the first manufactured batches that have an updated top panel that do not require the extension brackets.

Below are the first serial numbers for each model that first had this tooling change implemented. 
The only numbers that you need to check to see if your case is an updated model or not is the first 4 digits.
If the first 4 digits of your cases serial number are bigger or equal to the serial number in the table below, then you have an updated model.


Product NameSKU1st Implemented Serial #
Pop Air Black SolidFD-C-POA1A-012235FD30750200001
Pop Air Black TG Clear TintFD-C-POA1A-022221FD30820200001
Pop Air White TG Clear TintFD-C-POA1A-032222FD30990200001
Pop Air RGB White TG Clear TintFD-C-POR1A-012222FD29860200001
Pop Air RGB Cyan Core TG Clear TintFD-C-POR1A-022221FD29930200001
Pop Air RGB Magenta Core TG Clear TintFD-C-POR1A-032222FD30060200001
Pop Air RGB Green Core TG Clear TintFD-C-POR1A-042221FD30130200001
Pop Air RGB Orange Core TG Clear TintFD-C-POR1A-052222FD30200200001
Pop Air RGB Black TG Clear TintFD-C-POR1A-062221FD35700200001
Pop Mini Air RGB White TG Clear TintFD-C-POR1M-012222FD32280200001
Pop Mini Air RGB Black TG Clear TintFD-C-POR1M-062222FD36000200001
Focus 2 Black TG Clear TintFD-C-FOC2A-012223FD34570200001
Focus 2 White TG Clear TintFD-C-FOC2A-022223FD34640200001
Focus 2 RGB Black TG Clear TintFD-C-FOC2A-032223FD34710200001
Focus 2 RGB White TG Clear TintFD-C-FOC2A-042223FD34880200001
Focus 2 Black SolidFD-C-FOC2A-072223FD39140200001

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