Terra CPU cooler/GPU support

Maximum GPU length: 322 mm (200 mm if installing a 120 mm radiator)

The Terra has a movable motherboard plate, also called "spine", which can be adjusted sideways allowing you to increase the size of the CPU chamber or GPU chamber. There is a total of 7 settings, where setting 7 allows for the thickest GPU support, and setting 1 allows for the tallest CPU cooler.

Position 1Position 2Position 3Position 4Position 5Position 6Position 7
CPU cooler clearance77726762575348
GPU max thickness with a maximum height (width) of 131 mm43485358636772
GPU max thickness with a maximum height (width) of 145 mm33384348535762

The reason for difference above between the GPU being at maximum 131 or 145 is due to the side panel being wider towards the top of the case, and cause a wider GPU to interfere at an earlier stage if above 131 mm.

Below you can find a clarification of previously mentioned difference of GPU width (image displayed as if seen from rear of the case):

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