North XL Water-cooling radiator compatibility

Note that when installing radiators in a case, other components or specific radiator choices can cause incompatibility. We'll go through some "good to know"-things further down in this article.

Below are the sizes of radiators that will fit in each position inside the case.

Below are some illustrations for the 420 radiator support in the front. Left indicates the maximum distance from the outer radiator screw holes to the edge of the radiator, while the right section indicates the maximum length and thickness of a 420 radiator. 40 mm is the maximum thickness, and the maximum length is 465 mm. 

Due to the way the power supply shroud is designed in this case, some 420 radiators will have to be mounted with the tubes facing up.

Below you'll find some examples of radiator choices that would fit in the case:

Things to keep in mind

The case has a standard maximum GPU length of 413 mm. When installing a radiator in the front, you would need to reduce the GPU max length with the thickness of the radiator. For example, if you install one of our Celsius+ S36 Prisma water-coolers in the front, which has a thickness of 30 mm, the maximum GPU length would be (413 - 30) 383 mm.

The mesh version of the case includes a side fan bracket which also supports a 280 mm radiator. This side fan bracket can be mounted in two positions, a lower and an upper. If mounted in the lower position, the bracket itself limits GPU width to 162 mm. If a radiator is installed, any GPU or expansion cards would also be limited by 162 - the radiator thickness.

Arctic Liquid Freezer (II or III) 420 will fit in the front - as long as it's mounted with tubes up. You would not be able to run it as push-pull. It can only be mounted in push-mode, where the fans are on the opposite side of the front fan bracket.

If you want to run a 420 radiator in the front and have 3.5" drives you want to install, check out the bottom of this article for information regarding maximum radiator sizes with the HDD-trays in the case.

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