North XL fan compatibility and fan hub

Both North XL models include a fan hub, as opposed to the standard ATX version of the North where only the mesh version has an included fan hub. Below are two images displaying the possible fan locations in the case, and below that, we'll go through how the fan hub in the case works.

The case comes with three Aspect 140 mm PWM fans included, pre-mounted in the front of the case.

Fan hub

The fan hub of the case is a PWM fan hub and looks like this:

From purchase, the 3 front fans are pre-installed on the FAN1 to FAN3 headers shown above, but for illustration, they are removed here.

The fan hub works in such a way that the pre-installed cable you see in the image above should be connected to a 4-pin PWM header on the motherboard. It does not have to be the CPU_FAN header, but try avoid any PUMP header as those sometimes have specific settings.

When connected to the motherboard, you can set speed and fan curves in BIOS for the specific header you connected the hub to. It is important that you have at least 1 PWM unit connected to the FAN1 header displayed in the image above as that is the header which receives the signal, sends RPM back to the motherboard and distribute the signal to the other headers. The fans you connect to the hub works as if there is only one single fan connected to it, since if you set 100% in BIOS/UEFI, all fans on the hub will run at 100%. If you set it to 50% speed, all fans will run at 50% of their maximum speed.

Although each header on the hub is rated to 2A, we recommend that you check how much your motherboard header provides and how much power your fans need before connecting too many fans on the hub through splitters or by chaining them like the included front fans can be.

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