Mood AIO compatibility

The Mood case supports up to 280 mm radiators with a max width of 148 mm (relevant for 140/280 radiators). There are however some restrictions in terms of length and thickness of the radiator and fan combination. See illustration below:

The maximum length for a radiator is 328 mm, but for any radiator longer than 178 mm, the maximum thickness for radiator and fans combined is 67 mm as it would otherwise interfere with the installed power supply.

Due to this being a small form factor case, we have listed two mounting options for radiators in the user guide (page 34-46) listed as C-layout and Z-layout (the difference between the two is the rotation of the CPU block) displaying the optimal tube routing inside of the case using each of them.

If you plan on installing a front radiator, it is not possible to utilize the 3.5" bracket which comes pre-installed on the front fan bracket (it is still possible to fit a 120/140 mm fan with it installed though, granted your air-cooler isn't too tall See this page for details).

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