Mood 2.5" & 3.5" drive installation

The case comes with one 3.5" bracket and two 2.5" brackets. 

The 3.5" bracket is pre-installed on the front fan bracket of the case while the two 2.5" brackets comes in the accessory kit.

The two 2.5" brackets are different in design as they are mounted in different locations inside of the case. One in the top, and one on the side.

Both of these use the same mechanic to install. Screw a 2.5" drive to it, slide in to the dedicated case holes and clip in the opposite side to the case ball catcher.

Side bracket can be installed to the case without tools (if not in use, it can still be installed to help keep cables in place)

Top bracket will require a screwdriver as you need to remove the top 180 mm fan to gain access to its location

The 3.5" drive bracket installed on the front fan bracket can be used for a 2.5" drive instead if you require that it has the holes integrated already. Note that the 3.5" bracket can't be used at the same time as an AIO since the two would interfere.

There are no other mounting points in the case for additional drives. If you have an air cooler that's less than 80 mm in height and no fan on the lower fan slot, it would however be possible to install a second 3.5" drive with a MultiBracket.

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