Audio or microphone sounds distorted on the front panel HD Audio ports

If the audio from your front panel audio ports is sounding distorted there are a couple things that you may want to check.

First you are going to want to make sure that your headset's 3.5mm plugs are compatible with the 3.5mm jacks on the front of the case.

As with most PC cases out on the market, our front 3.5mm jacks are only compatible with PC headsets that use TRS 3.5mm plugs where the audio and microphone are split into separate plugs. (Middle plug in the image below)

Most phone headphones, and some PC headsets, use TRRS (CTIA) plugs that have the audio and microphones built into the same plug. (Last plug in the image below)

If you are trying to use an audio device that uses TRRS 3.5mm plugs you are going to want to look into getting a splitter that separates the audio and microphone into separate plugs like the one in the image below:

The next things you are going to want to check is that your HD Audio connector is properly plugged into your motherboards HD Audio header, and make sure that you have your motherboards latest audio drivers installed.

If none of these help solve your issue; please submit a support ticket and we would be happy to help figure out what is causing your audio problems.

**Please note that is only for our cases that have separate audio and microphone jacks, and does not apply to cases such as the Ridge, Mood, etc that have a single combination audio jack**

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