Flex 2 PCI 4.0 Vertical Riser Bracket: Compatibility with Fractal cases

Current list of compatible Fractal Design cases:

  • Define 7
  • Define 7 XL
  • Define 7 Compact
  • Meshify 2 / RGB/ Lite
  • Meshify 2 XL
  • Meshify 2 Compact / RGB/ Lite
  • Torrent
  • Torrent Compact
  • Pop Air / Silent
  • Pop XL Air / Silent
  • Focus 2
  • North
  • North XL

The Flex 2 will replace 7 horizontal PCI slots in order to vertically mount a graphics card in the middle of the chassis. This results in the graphics card being in the direct path of air from front mounted fans for better airflow than vertical mounts that are up against a side panel.

The Flex 2 can only be used on cases that have "bridgeless" PCI slots (examples shown below), as you would not be able to connect video output cables into the graphics cards on a case with bridges between the PCI slot covers.

The case on the left is our Focus 2 that has bridgeless PCI slots (I.E. no bars between the PCI slot covers). While the case on the right is our Focus G which has bars between each PCI slot.

One additional thing to note is that the Flex 2 is recessed into the case a little bit. So with the Flex 2 installed it will add a total of 15mm to your overall GPU length.

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